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Visualizer guide




This program plots the First Brillouin zone and Fermi surface of all 14 3d reciprocal Bravais lattices.


  • Cubic
  • Bcc
  • Fcc
  • Hexagonal
  • Rhombohedral
  • Tetragonal P
  • Tetragonal I
  • Orthorombic P
  • Orthorombic C
  • Orthorombic I
  • Orthorombic F
  • Monoclinic P
  • Monoclinic C
  • Triclinic


Take a look at the poster of pre-computed visualizations at the

Note that the lattices are already reciprocal



System Requirements


Display adapter

Glut and Glew packages already installed on your computer

These packages are built on OpenGL




To use this program follow these steps-

  1. the visualizer.tar.gz file
  2. Move the downloaded file to a directory, and enter that directory
  3. Untar the file, by typing tar -xvzf ./visualizer.tar.gz
  4. Enter visualizer by typing cd ./visualizer
  5. Type make in the terminal
  6. Type ./project
  7. Have fun

This program was tested on ubuntu 12.10


Program manual


First, choose a lattice you wish to visualize, by clicking the right mouse button, then clicking on "Lattices" and then clicking on your favorite lattice. Note that these lattices are already reciprocal lattices.

At this point both Brillouin zone and Fermi surface are displayed.

To toggle the visibility of the Brillouin zone right click on the mouse and choose “Toggle Brillouin zone”.

To toggle the visibility of the Fermi surface right click on the mouse and choose “Toggle Fermi surface”.

See the Youtube video for a complete run of the code.


More information, prepared in the Physics department of the Technion, can be found here


Contact the developers at and