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Computational Physics Project - Solid Hydrogran Simulation
Computational Physics course project in the Technion, guided by Dr. Joan Adler

Visualization of Electron Density in Atoms and Molecules
Undergraduate project in the Technion, guided by Dr. Joan Adler

Pseudo-potential calculations for periodic systems - Density Of States Graph Module
Part of the visualization project, guide by Dr. Leeor Kronik from the Weizmann Institute

Hofstadter's Butterfly In Hexagonal Lattice
Summer project in the Weizmann Institute done with Chen Tradulsky, guide by
Ariel Amir and Dr. Yuval Oreg

Research and analysis programme of Rainfall and Water-flow
Created as part of my work in the Soil Erosion Research Station, Israeli Ministry Of Agriculture

Technion Undergraduate Physics Students' Homepage
Administrated by me, so there ought to be a link to it here.

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