Computational Physics - Download

MS Windows:

MS Windows users can use a precompiled .exe file. This is a standalone executable that should run on all systems using the command prompt. The file can be found here.


Linux users should compile the source code on target station. Please follow the following steps:
1) Download .tar file from here.
2) Unpack archive using the command "tar -C <DirPath> -xvf DynamicBilliard.tar". Exchange <DirPath> with a path to your preferred directory.
3) Run the command "make". Compilation requires a g++ compiler installed. Ubuntu users that need to install the compiler may use the commands "sudo apt-get g++" or "sudo apt-get build-essentials".
4) Enable execution privilages for the file using the command "chmod +x DynamicBilliard".
5) Run the simulator using the command "./DynamicBilliard".