<HTML> <HEAD> <TITLE>Omri's Website</TITLE> <BODY TEXT="#000000" BGCOLOR="#a0bbFd"> <CENTER><P><IMG ISMAP SRC="home.jpg" ALT="This is how I feel" HEIGHT=400 WIDTH=600> <BR> <BR> <A Href="http://phony1.technion.ac.il/~omri_a/"> Link to the new website </A> <BR> <HR align=center></P></CENTER> <H1 ALIGN=CENTER> Home &nbsp; <A Href="http://phelafel.technion.ac.il/~omria/assignments.html"> Assignments </A> &nbsp; <A Href="http://phelafel.technion.ac.il/~omria/project.html"> Project </A> &nbsp; <A Href="http://phelafel.technion.ac.il/~omria/links.html"> Useful-Links </A> </H1> <HR align=center> <BR> <p> My <A HREF="mailto:omriacademy@gmail.com"> E-mail </A> is given in this link. My thesis project is about simulating vibrating nanotube, supervised by Prof. Adler Joan. <H3> What am I doing here? <OL> <LI> Physics <LI> Other stuff </OL> </H3> <P> Last updated: 10 December 2014 <! this is a comment> <! "br" is getting one line down> <! "H4" is H4 font> <! "B" is Bold font> <! "i" is Italic font> <! "li" is creating a list> <! "ol" is creating a number ordered list> <! "p" starts (normal writing)> <! "/p" ends (normal writing)> </BODY> </HTML>