Graphene LAMMPS Simulation - Useful Scripts

Create hexagonal lattice

Although LAMMPS has a default command to create a hexagonal lattice, it may be useful in other cases for the user to manually specify the atoms initial poitions for a simulation. For this purpose, i have written a small Matlab code which takes as input the number of atoms desired, and creates and ideal honeycomb lattice.
Download Matlab codeHere

Creating gifs

It is possible to create a short video in gif format to better visualize the simulation.
There is a simple command for linux machines to convert a bunch of png files to 1 gif file. After you have snapped all the png files (see AViz page) and have them in 1 folder (in the correct order), you will need to go to that folder and type in:

convert filename*.png gifname.gif

The * character denotes the serialized part of the name of all the png files.
For example- if the png files are serialized in the following way:

You will write in the the following command:

convert myfile*.png mygif.gif

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