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Michael Kislev

A little bit about myself: I am currently studying Materials Science and Physics in the Technion. Graduating soon..:)
This website was created for the Computational Physics course I took in the faculty of Physics.
Here you can find my HW assignments submitted throughout the course, and my final project on
Graphene heating simulation.
Also, below you can find some useful links for the course, and Numerics in general.

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Homework Assignments:

  1. Homework 1
  2. Homework 2
  3. Homework 3
    (Figures for question 2- here)
  4. Homework 4
  5. Homework 5
  6. Project - Graphene LAMMPS Simulation

  7. Usefull links:

    *Technion- Israeli Institute of Technology

    * Computational group Homepage

    *Computational Physics Course Homepage

    * Numerical recipes- Electronic version here

    * Class email list

    Updated: January 2016