This project is written for Computational Physics course at Physics department, Technion.

    In this work 3D Edwards-Anderson Ising model $$H =-\sum_{\left\langle i,j\right\rangle }J_{ij}\sigma_{i}\sigma_{j}-h\sum_{i}\sigma_{i}$$ of spin glass is simulated using Monte Carlo method on cubic lattice. Simulation allows to acquire observables such as magnetization, energy per spin, heat capacity and Binder cumulant. Moreover, simulation generates output file that can be used to visualize the three dimensional lattice of spins with Aviz software. When running the simulation over range of temperatures, animated picture can be generated in order to visualize the dynamics of the system. Results are presented and discussed for several interaction realisations and varying lattice sizes.

    For further investigation and deeper research on this system, students who find this project interesting are welcome to download and install this simulation program. More sophisticated algorihtms like, Parallel tempering or Replica method , are probably to be utilized next, since those systems are charachterized by slow dynamics.

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