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About Aviz

3D Interactive Visualization of Molecules

This website was created as part of an undergraduate physics project under the guidance of Dr. Joan Adler.
Its teaches how to create 3D interactive models of various molecules using the ChemDoodle Web Components Library which is a Javascript library that is free under the open-source GPL license and implementing them in any browser.

The website can be easily navigated using the menu on the left. There you can find a guides section which contains download links for all the relevant files needed, as well as a Matlab script that converts 'xyz' files (which are used in Aviz) to a format which is readable by the ChemDoodle Library. It also contains explanations on how to use the Matlab script and the ChemDoodle library.
Check out the examples tab on the left to view various examples of molecules and structures.

You can contact me at grisha.zeltyn@gmail.com for any questions or to report problems with the website.