The Physical Problem

The system is build from a one dimensional row of masses connected by linear springs, with given coefficients of toughness and free length. The masses are located on a one dimensional lattice with periodic boundary conditions, and have random initial velocities.

Needed to find the dynamics of the system, locations, velocities, and energies, at any given time, and present the results visually using Molecular Dynamics, using two different integration methods: Verlet algorithm and Predictor-Corrector. determine which of the two methods is more efficient.

System's parameters:

  • Mass - M=1[kg]

  • Latticeís constant - a=0.5[m]

  • Oscillatorís toughness - k=1[N/m]

  • Oscillatorís free length - l=0.5*a=0.25[m]

  • No. of particles - n=30

  • Size of time step - deltaT=5e-4[sec]

  • No. of time steps - T=40000