Simulating Water Waves using Finite Elements method


I'm Gal and this website previews my project for Introduction to Computational Physics class. You can contact me by email.

Wave breaking on a beach is one of the most easily observed and dramatic fluid phenomenon. However, very little is actually known about the hydrodynamics of wave breaking. In particular, a satisfactory mathematical description and solution of the breaking wave has not been found YET.

In this project I have visualized numerical approximation of finite volume solutions for the shallow wave equations, using finite elements method.

The calculation is designed for GPU or CPU, and graphical user interface was added for you to choose between the two and to 3D rotate the playground.


Nautical-Physical background

In this project I have simulated the gravitational waves propagation in varying depth.
More information about what are this waves and the equations I solved can be found



Beautiful pictures and videos of wave simulations are


Download Code

You are welcome to download the Matlab source code.

More information about the variety of functions and archived source codes