Project Description

Adirondack StreamThe project is a part of Computational Physics course given by Dr. Joan Adler in Physics Department in Technion. In this work I calculate the magnetic field of a classical ferromagnets. The calculation is done in 2D when the magnets have constant magnetization in space and the field calculated outside the samples. There is two kinds of samples a box magnet and a horseshoe magnet. The calculation is done in C language, when the field found by integration on the magnetization elements for a paricular geometry. After the calculation of the fields in 2D the program exports "name".xyz file that includes the coordinates and the $B_{x}$ , $B_{y}$ components of the field. This .xyz format files can be opened by AViz software and ths field can be simulated by this tool. Data stored in this files are easy extract and use in Matlab other programs. Moreover those fields were demonstrated expreimentally using magnets with similar geometry by means of iron fillings.