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This project is the final part of the Computational Physics course given by Dr. Joan Adler in the Physics department in the Technion.

In this project I calculated the Zeeman splitting in the energy levels in an atom due to an external magnetic field.

The calculations were made in the C language while the graphical simulation was made in PGPLOT.

Using the results of this project, anyone wishing to see the Zeeman effect of splitting in energy levels in any atom should only know which two energy levels correspond to the wanted spectral line.

The program will calculate the splitting and export "name.list" files with the new spectral lines. These files will then be opened by PGPLOT and an emission spectrum will be plotted for each one. A movie of the splitting can be then made as a function of the increasing magnetic field.

Zeeman splitting in Sodium [1]

[1] https://lightmachinery.com/optics/custom-optics/etalons/