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HW 5.2:

A report on Omri Harosh's proect:

A Simulator of a Dynamic Billiard system (2014)

The project simulates a billiard board as a dynamic energy conserving system with an infinite potential on the edges of the system

In my understanding, the simulation is for a frictionless system and best works for one particle (or a few, as long as the collisions occur only with the walls and not with other particles.

I have downloaded and installed the files as described by Omri and used the very thorough guide for running the simulation. This simulation helped me to better understand AViz and its uses.

I ran the simulation for different table sizes and different amounts of particles. Every time I changed the position and the velocity of the particles as well.

The theme and the simulation are very well presented and the simulation is very user friendly. I think it would be more realistic if the collision of particles would be taken into account. Also a nice addition would be an option to change the potential of the edges and see what happens in that case.

An example of a simulation with 3 particles with different velocities: