Project Overview

Quantum Light Propagation and Measurement in Waveguide Array

Initial quantum state $|\psi_0\rangle$, which is a superposition of Fock states (number states) is coupled to the entrance of a waveguide array, which consists of $M$ single-mode coupled waveguides. The initial state unitarily propagates distance $z$ inside the waveguide up until measured through intensity and correlation measurements. The main program in this project - "Quantum Light Propagator" ("QLP" in short) calculates intensities and corelations for a user defiend experimental configuration setup.

The main program in this project recieves 3 user inputs -

  1. $|\psi_0\rangle$ - the initial state which is coupled to the waveguide array entrance
  2. $H$ - the Hamiltonian of the waveguide array, which incapsulates all the coupling and propagation coefficients of the waveguide array
  3. List of $z$ values at which the intensity and correlations are wished to be calculated at

The output of the main program is a list of calculated intesities and correlations for every $z$ in the users input.
Short MATLAB script is included for visualizing the output results.

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